UI design (User Interface)

We create aesthetic and functional interfaces that are in line with the current trends..

UI design

The UI design, or designing the user interface, is the culmination of the User Experience creation process. Our final products are functional, easy to use, and aesthetic.
The UI focuses on the visual part of a website or application. What comprises the UI designer's area of interest?

  • The visual hierarchy of elements/li>
  • Colors
  • Typefaces and sizes of fonts
  • Selection of photos and illustrations
  • Iconography
  • Content structure
  • The appearance and functionality of the forms

What does the UI creation process look like?

A UI designer forms a harmonious duo together with a UX designer. The former usually receives mock-ups of a so-called low-fi from the latter. Low-fi are simplified diagrams of individual screens, subpages, and functions.
The UI designer enriches these simple sketches with colors, shapes, and textures. His work results in a final website or application design, ready to be coded by the development team.

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