Exploratory research

Get to know your users and their needs. Understand their motivations to meet their expectations.

Exploratory research

What is exploratory research?

The essence of exploratory research in the UX development process is to thoroughly understand the needs of future users and the challenges faced by designers.

Why should you implement it?

During the research, we approach the issue comprehensively and try to look at it as broadly as possible. We learn the contexts of use and the expectations of users towards the product. This way, each successive stage of our efforts is easier and allows us to design solutions that will fit the needs of your audience.

Stages of exploratory research

  1. Selection of the research scope and research methods
  2. Recruitment of respondents
  3. Testing
  4. Analysis of the results
  5. Use of acquired data in design

Examples of types of exploratory researc

  1. Interviews - group or individual
  2. Participant observation
  3. Focus groups

When is it especially worth implementing?

  • When a product is innovative and has little market competition.
  • When you know the general overview of users' needs, but you still have to clarify and understand them.

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