UX design

Our goal is to create good user experiences

UX design

UX design is a series of efforts that include, among others, researching the habits and expectations of users and designing the visual and functional aspects of the website. The goal of a good user experience is to encourage the visitors to fulfill the goal of a website or application, such as making a purchase or leaving a contact request.

We as designers strive to rebuild an existing website or create a new one in a way that will make it useful and intuitive for users. We make it easier to work with tools and help increase the companies' income.

What are the stages of UX design?

  1. First, we analyze your needs - at this stage, we set the goals that we want to achieve. We plan the basic functions of an application or a website. In the case of products that already exist, we run an audit and look for room for improvements.
  2. Next, we learn everything we can about the audience - we conduct research, create personas, and design conversion paths. At this stage, we are looking for common points between users' expectations and your business goals, which we established during stage one.
  3. We start designing - we create prototypes, site maps, and mock-ups while being in constant contact with you.

Why should you invest in UX?

A well-designed website or application, i.e. one that generates a positive user experience, can have an extremely positive impact on your business goals and:

  • Increase the conversion rate
  • Improve users' first impression, and thus reduce the bounce rate
  • Increase the customer satisfaction, commitment, and loyalty/li>
  • Significantly affect the value of purchases through a properly designed conversion path.

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