Market and competition analysis

Get to know your market environment, get inspiration from the best in business, and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Market analysis

Get to know your competition

Your organization does not operate in a vacuum, and your market is full of competitors. The observation and analysis of your rivals' actions can become valuable fuel that drives good business decisions.

Why is it worth analyzing the competition in terms of UX, UI, and IT?

  • You can identify weaknesses in the projects of your competition, which allows you to avoid making their mistakes.
  • You can find ways to stand out from rival companies.
  • You can observe significant changes in the trends.
  • You might notice good practices and solutions that are worth implementing in your projects.

Why it is best to hire an external company for your UX projects:

UX and UI design are undoubtedly creative processes, and it always pays off to be innovative. However, you and your team should also explore and understand the practices that are popular and commonly used in the industry, and implement the best ones in your company. Why?

Because your potential customers spend more time on other websites in total than on your website or application. Therefore, they are used to certain solutions, and an attempt to "reinvent the wheel" and surprise them might backfire and result in a failed project rather than an innovative interface.

Additionally, monitoring the market environment saves time and money because, this way, not every element of the project has to be tested. And if a solution seems interesting, but you are not convinced whether it is effective, the inspiration may become a research hypothesis.

We should also add that benchmarking and getting inspired by solutions already present in the market does not mean - and cannot mean! - copying someone else's projects. The whole design process results in an entirely new website or application that should be unique and customized to the needs of future users as perfectly as possible.

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