Our original CMS

Gain full control over the appearance, functions, and content of your website.

CMS solutions

CMS, or Content Management System, gives you the possibility of full control over a website's appearance, functioning, and content. Unlike most CMS systems, System Next allows programmers to have full control over the templates, and also gives people without any programming knowledge the possibility to edit the content of the website.

  • Unlimited possibilities – developers have full control over the templates and the system is ready for any modifications.
  • Access to full history – you can easily undo any change, regardless of whether it regards the content or reconstruction of the website template.
  • A built-in feature that allows you to use the tag system.
  • Full SEO support, including the SEO Title.

Safety is crucial to us

The potential of each news site, company website, and online store depends on the platform on which it was built; its possibilities and its approach to security.

If data security is crucial to you, get ahead with System Next. This builder minimizes the risk of hacking, and the updates are always free of charge to ensure the highest level of security. We created System Next to combine two important functions: security and unlimited functionality.

But System Next includes many possibilities and features. We offer a separate CMS module for content and template management, an online store, and easy lead management. You can also create dedicated platforms for original online services.

  • Data protection – in compliance with the GDPR (RODO) - in System Next, all the data of your customers and employees is properly secured.
  • Free and unobtrusive updates included in all service packs.
  • Active Directory logging - you can use the login and password to log into your computer at work.
  • Access control- includes access to the back-end via IP, log of administrator actions, and logging with Google, Facebook, and user profile.
  • Private code - unlike the free solutions, the source code of our system is not available for viewing by everyone. This makes it less vulnerable to hacking attacks.

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